You do not need to contact me to ask permission to print a bunch of my coloring pages for your school, church, or free event. I am glad to offer them and ask that you share them freely also.

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About Me

My first love of art began as a kid coloring in coloring books. I would ask my mom to buy a coloring book and color every page in an evening. As I grew up so did my interest in creating art. I went from crayons to pencils in elementary school to watercolor secondary school then later in life to oil paint and many other mediums. I continue to explore art and develop my talent.

Art has been a life long passion, a hobby and a business for me for over forty years. I have won many awards and sold much work in multiple mediums.

It is my greatest joy to partner with my adult son and daughter in different art projects including a two hundred square foot mural at South Columbia Baptist Church.

A large amount of my work expresses a faith in God and his son Jesus my Savior. I feel strongly that art can be a powerful instrument of change and a man who is yielded to the Master's guidance will see his gifts, art or otherwise, used for good.

I hope that these coloring pages will bring pleasure and may be used to inspire young minds to love the world I see around me and God who gives these blessings to us.