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Monday, December 28, 2015

Printable Mulan Ninja Girl Coloring Page

This Mulan Ninja picture is fun and cute, it shows a strong warrior woman without being really scary. This free printable coloring page is the result of several projects I did recently. I have a how to draw a ninja girl art lesson that inspired this coloring page and a watercolor painting that I did of this same composition.

It can be used as a vacation time activity for in the car or on a plane ride. Or have around for any time they need something to do.

I tried to make it look dramatic but not fierce. It would be useful in class, after school club or any home art time.

To print the image below just highlight it and send it to your printer. Some printers work better if you first drag the image to the desktop and print from there. If you have problems printing see the "HOW TO PRINT" TAB above or try one of the links below

Printable Mulan Ninja Girl Coloring Page

CLICK HERE for a file that may work with some printers.
Some printers work better with a universal format file CLICK HERE.

The dragon can be colored any color. The background can be different greens and browns. The sky should be a light blue but consider leaving some areas white for the clouds. Mulan is wearing armor over her silk dress. You can do any colors, use black trim in a few places, like the gloves, and the shoes. Make the banner bright. Make the flower pink or some pretty color. I did not outline shadows on the ground but you can put them in.

To see an example of this project done on watercolor paper CLICK HERE.

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