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Monday, November 11, 2013

Animals Give Thanks Coloring Page for Thanksgiving, Free To Print And Color For Kids And Adults.

This is a free Thanksgiving Coloring page.

Animals Give Thanks
 Coloring Page
Children love to color this picture of animals giving thanks for their meal. Their paws are together like folded hands. Their eyes are closed in prayer.


This picture is perfect for Thanksgiving. Parents, teachers, and home school families will find it helpful.  The coloring page may be given out as a classroom assignment in Children's Church or as a take-home project after the Sunday School lesson to reinforce the message of Thankfulness.

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If you have trouble printing the image below or are printing on A-4 sized paper then, CLICK HERE to visit my how-to-print page. I have some helpful tips for you there. There is a link below to a PDF file that may print better if you have problems.

Updated Animals Thanksgiving Give Thanks Coloring Page

It takes me hours to draw these coloring pages, and I hope they are a blessing to you. They are free, and you are welcome to print as many of my coloring pages as you can use. Use the Paypal button to make your donation.

Thank You!

CLICK HERE for the updated PDF of this coloring page.  

There are many choices for young artists to color and make a beautiful picture.
The letters can be colored in different colors.
The cat and dog can be brown grey black or white.
The table and chairs can be brown black red.
The table cloth and the food can have different colors.

(c) A. E. Dozat 11/11/13

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