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We Will Serve The Lord, Free Kid's Coloring Page, Joshua 24:24.

This free kid's coloring page is something I drew for my kids at the Awana Club at my church. Parents, teachers and homeschool families will find it useful. It can be used for any Bible class,VBS, Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Club, Children's church,  or club. It helps some to memorize the passage and is a perfect take home to reinforce the message of the Bible lesson of Joshua and the people.

We Will Serve The Lord
 Coloring Page, Joshua 24:24 
The verse is from Joshua. It says. "And the people said, We will serve the Lord our God and obey him." Joshua 24:24.

Coloring the letters of the words helps kids and adults to memorize the verse.

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Joshua 24:24 We will serve the Lord our God

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I drew the people with one hand over their heart like when to take a pledge and one hand up like when making a vow.

The lettering offers a lot of areas to color. The People at the bottom can give an opportunity for being creative.

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