Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Child's Love Letter To God, Activity and Printable Coloring Page.

This printable coloring page is perfect for a church lesson on loving God, I created it for a St. Valentine's day themed lesson in my church Awana kids Club.  

This coloring page can be used many ways.  You can use it in Bible class, VBS, Church camp, Children's church, Vacation Bible School, AWANA, Family worship time and any place where God's Word is loved.  After you teach a lesson on Loving God or about God's love you can have the children color the pictures and finish the sentences.

The sentence starters help with younger children who do not grasp abstract terms.

If you wanted to make changes you can use white out and write in different statements or leave the sentence starters out entirely. If you save it to your computer you should be able to use simple software to leave the sentences blank or create ones that are more suited to your needs.

I left large areas blank so the kids can decorate it with stickers since they will be working in groups and some will finish ahead of others and then the youth helpers will be able to focus on those who need help printing or thinking of responses.

To print the picture below just highlight it and send it to your printer or save to your device to print later. If you have problems printing see the "HOW TO PRINT" tab above or try one of the updated links below that should print better.

My Love Letter To God Coloring Activity 

Here are two links that may print better.

CLICK HERE for a file in photo format.
CLICK HERE for a file in universal portable format.

There are a lot of ways this can be colored. If you print it on cardstock it can take wetter mediums like watercolor or markers. There are a lot of hearts and leaves, a border, and embellishments to color.

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